Broken Alarm clock

Life sucks.
Let’s be real.
If you think about it
Where is the appeal?
Every morning
you wake up
rich, poor, loved, fucked.
But does the difference really matter?
Straw sometimes feels better
than gold, silver or feather.
Success might give an headstart;
Work a way
to run from the feeling
That just wants to stay
but don’t be stupid
and think you can escape
it’s faster than you
and it`s gonna catch you
that one time,
when the bus is late
and you just start thinking.
To deal with it
the best way
might not be
to run, hide or disappear;
Stand in front of it.
Say: “I am okay
With you
And all your shit
you faking it.
I can decide
what to feel
And I got an advantage
superior, because unlike you
I don’t just want to be
I am real”

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