Moving without making a step

Right and wrong
are the same
if you spin long enough
in circles

like a carousel
all humans are
can’t be pint
on a single point

always try to change
like it would change
the person sitting on
the grinning horse.

The earth turns with them
but in the other direction
so sometimes we laugh
when we should cry

It is always the bad parts
we remember best
when we think back
the ride is grey
not white or black

As someone with a good memory
I tell you
you can change a million times who to be
when in reality
you just change
who you want them to see

Fear is the only thing
that really keeps the circle moving
frightened by the feeling
of you never really going
to love, to earn money, to have success
and be remembered as your best

Just don’t forget that you spin
always in circles
do, look, reflect, learn, adjust, overcome and forget.
Never stop moving in circles
You can’t break free
The horse keeps you on top
till you stop to breath

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