A Clown with a :)

I draw a smile from one cheek to the other
I can`t stand
the sad fool
In the mirror
What a clown and he is still smiling.
Why again should I pretend to be happy?
Pretend to be like people
I can`t bear to be arround?
Why should I pretend that I am special?
No one is.
In a world of open, kind people
look-a-likes, be-a-likes, do-a-likes, say-a-likes, dream-a-likes and feel-a-likes.
There is a right way
they say.
Talking, talking, talking and nothing said
Out of fear and spite, ignorance and arrogance, tolerance
They look you in the eyes and lie.
Lie about their feelings, lie about their hearts desire, lie about their worldview
And you want to raise your voice
In an opinion that changes nothing
But they still don`t shut their fucking holes.
Tyranny doesn`t need a tyrant.
Just enough people,
Who think their path is right.
They tie their knots themselves.
So I will look out the window
From my one room flat
In their well-kept garden.
See them hanging alone
Swinging from the trees
Carved from their bones
They hang between their bank note leaves
While I pretend I wouldn`t like to be like them.
A sad fool in a mirror.

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