A storm against a tree pose

She is standing in her yoga pose
pausing the play
got time to breath
for a second

Tomorrow she has to get up
And today she needs to balance.
And go to bed
ah fuck that
watch TV till 1 am.
Will greet the receptionist in the morning
when she comes sleepy through that door.

Say “Happy Birthday” to that bitch,
Working part time gigs,
At the end of the hallway.
She bakes great cupcakes
Not gonna miss out on an opportunity

At Noon when all go out for lunch
she sneaks
in the break room
She puts some office supplies
in her handbag
coffee tabs,
toillet paper,
even silverware sometimes.
Higher management
doesn’t have a clue.

After work is set and done,
she picks her nephew up
in the evening
from where ever her brother asked her too.
His football coach is kinda sweet
but she can’t ask him out first
because he is married
And the wife isn’t really open minded
to that kind of relationship.

She hangs out with the little boy
until her brother picks him up.
They trade some words back and forth
after that
She calls me.
Tells me her day was boring.
I believe her.
She hangs up.
Back to Yoga, then to bed.

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