Love is not to be a bargaining chip

I read all this poems
from obsessed children
thinking they get it.
But they don’t
They still cry about long lost love.
Write to be read
I don’t do that.
Because I danced with the devil
Laid eyes on the fork with which she is gonna pinch my heart
and I was relaxed, laid back.
You have to know
The devil comes around when it is midnight
he is gonna knock on your door
disguised in a smile or way too long legs
pure sex,
not a screw you would tighten
And you tell yourself
you are not falling for any deception,
but he is going to whisper:
“Are you ready to gain back your mind and lose it,
well aware
on every step on the road?”
And you will say:
“Yes, I am
for the right person”
He is gonna test you.
The devils doesn’t like liars.
So he gives you
your right person
and he will ask:
“Are you ready to lose them over and over again?”
And you will say:
“Yes, I am
for the right person”
The Devil tries his tricks on you a second time.
Make them clueless about their feelings
or atleast let’s them second guess yours.
And then
before he disappears
after he drank your wine and ate your bread
he is going to ask:
“You wouldn’t mind, if there never was?”
And you will say: “That’s fine,
if it is for the right person”
When you realize you made a mistake
live with it
and you can still hope
he is going to come back
and fullfill his end of the bargain
but you never bothered to ask “when?”
so it is not his fault, that you are a fool.
You made the deal with the devil.

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