Love like cannibals

For some reason
I come back all the time,
even though I embarrass myself with this shit here,
but I can`t stop coming back
because I care about you.
I understand myself at least somehow,
but why the fuck are you coming back,
when I am like this?
I feel mentally ill for you
and I wouldn’t even call it love,
because I know what love feels like.
Not like that.
All I want to say to you is:
Let me grab a pizza
and some wine
and let’s talk about it,
whatever it is,
I don’t know it best
and feelings are retarded,
but they don’t have to be our starting point.
To be honest,
let’s not try to talk about them at all,
they creep in anyway;
let’s just eat,
make fun of each other,
and drink,
so I have something to write about
and you have someone to talk to.

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