About building spirit

Step by step
you can fix your world
build new pillars
one by one
keep you flooding
over the floor.
Someone is going
to tear them down
build more than one
flood on
build higher
step by step
Rome was built on seven hills
Not on one day
Start with a small brick
Build higher and higher
Flood on
Don’t let your tower
easily be teared down
not even by the ones
who claim to have come to love
and build.
Not everything
is meant to be build on
more than once.
Let it collapse
start again.
Mine your iron will
or your fear of death
and being forgotten.
Self hatred makes excellent cement
if you have plenty
and it is strong.
Brick by brick
Form deranged structures
rickety rooms
to hide in.
Higher and higher.
Flood on.
Step by step,
Build a legacy
Don’t let them forget
– reach the sun,
cast shadows –
that you were here.
Nothing can kill off a stubborn spirit,
but a weak and lazy shell.

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