Loose wire

Most Humans are just unfortunately wired,
A defective work product
Used to get called back
because of the flaws
exceeding the horizon
of their creator.
Their design is error-prone.
Humans breathe through the same hole
they shove cake in.
And the wiring has to be faulty too
already when they leave the factory
because homo sapiens
lose something
In the cord
from head to heart.
How do I know?
Kids are not innocent,
the old are not wise.
Women cheat.
Man kill.
Groups straighten out the different ones
Society starves out the weak.
Nations sending men to the slaughter.
Ghandi was a racist.
Mother Teresa a religious preacher.
Jesus story is basically
just a story
of a upright guy
getting fucked over by his pals
and in the end being okay with it.
But most of all
for evidence I never have to go far.
My core feature is a loose connection.
Cruelty bursting in bubbles
Able to easily overwrite my system.
Lighting strikes my circuit plate.
I am set to believe in the banality of evil.
But sometimes I think
maybe it is not all of us.
Some seem virtuoso in their thinking.
The ones that
don’t want to kill every organic thing
once they are a little feed up.
Maybe these are the deficient ones.
The broken switched to be happy
Because someone told them it was healthy
to follow orders and to be tame.

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