Safety makes a softy

Years ago it scared me stiff
that it always felt like falling
and I pedaled with my arms as if I could fly.
It felt like I could
as if I could raise myself a little above
through the struggle of my arms and legs
but despite the effort I still ended up falling.
I know human life is very much phoenix alike.
A constant cycle of death and rebirth.
Resistance to break these wheel is presumably futile.
I see myself in this pit,
free falling;
alighting on the floor.
Wings grown or not.
I can see the brink of the pit.
I can talk about it.
I just have never been able to reach it.

1 thought on “Safety makes a softy

  1. Worth the read, really. I am inspired by your post, I felt different emotions and I could totally feel the honesty in this writing. Truly amazing piece of work. I hope you could also try to follow my Blog Page. Cheers! 🙂


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