Cherry Blossom Princess

Black fluid is dripping down my chest
Drops to puddles.
Wet clothes worn as second skin.
I can’t stop the bleeding.
Does this mean that I am weak?
Or I am strong because I am standing
even though
my mouth
tastes bitter sweet.
Black fluid is dripping down my head.
Touch my face
hurt your hand,
hurt your heart
till you decide
out of spite what is and what is not.
That is not your decision to make
it was never
and you know that.
I am standing here and I want to bleed
like the others do
that’s the sweet part about it
I don’t try to simply cure a wound
an open hole in my soul
I try to stuff with friendly company.
Bitter is
I am drowning in black fluid.
I choke on my own vain.
Standing in front of you,
my heart is bleeding in my brain.
Out of my mouth
all that you get
is this dark, corrosive fluid.
God, I wish I could describe
what comes close to being dead;
what your words
have been doing to me.

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