Forced Puzzle Piece

The round nodded.
when I started
to gain confidence,
when I came
to the second topic
they derailed my story,
took the conversation
back into their circle
and forced me
out of character.
I was fine with that.
I never talk more
than I have to.
“These are my friends
by nice to them”
she told me
Did you tell them
to try
to include me?
Probably not
because they are great people for you
and they can never do wrong
to anyone
but you.
I stood on the outside
smoked a cigarette on the veranda
if I had lost my ability to speak
and looked panicked
through the window inside.
She is laughing.
Does she even notice
I am
I pull up the zipper
After 2 kilometers
my feet started hurting
and my heart made weird clenching noises
with my thoughts
no music playing
I turned off my phone.
I was exhausted
laid on the floor in my home
and looked outside my window
the reflection of myself nodded
I kind of still wish
she was here.

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