When the maggots eat your love away

The Cuckoo clock
hangs, bangs and is ticking time away
The woman knows
it will be screaming again.
She took it
from the hook.
The wooden clock
hanging there since the beginning.
She put it there
back when she still smiled.
She took the screaming bastard in her hand.
Felt the weight.
She looked in the mirror
Before she smashed his skull in.
“Shut the fuck up “
she screamed.
In his open wound
and suddenly
all the words she kept
tied to her tongue
Her brain
it dripped out of her mouth
in a single sound.
Putting in his head a thought
his mind didn’t seem to
be able to process.
Three weeks
His corpse laid on the kitchen table.
Three weeks.
Maggots were crawling
He smelt,
he reeked
His meat started to liquefy
He became more yellow fluid
than he was man.
“What do you want for dinner?”
She asked him
Missing the gag.
while she withholds vomiting.
The neighbors ring a few days later.
His smell
it passed through the door.
Pigs are coming the next day
they persuade her
to get out.
The smell
It is not unbearable
Can be explained by dirty pots in the kitchen sink
Though the banging at walls at the night
still concerned the government dogs
But they don’t have a warrant
so the Pigs turn around
Back into their candy car
and let the lonely lady be.
The maggots meanwhile are eating.
Break his structure up.
Out of his skull
they make a home.
Ten weeks
his body is gone
gnawed off to the bone:
Vermin reaching the blank white in thousands.
And she asks herself:
„What have I done?
When did oaths of love
Turn what is left of him
into pieces
in the stomach
of disgusting,
little bugs?”
She lost her temper
when the Cuckoo sang.
Under the smell of the decay
her man answers.
“My love?”
he asks
but she can’t hear him.
Carrion –
he can’t be called no more.
The bugs still crawl
all over him
desperately scrap over the last shreds human.
On the table
her face already rests for a while
„Put it to sleep “, she whispers
„I loved you “
with a smile.
The garbage truck is here at 8.
Early awake
She dusts off the skeleton
free to take
she puts him
On the sidewalk
and calls up some man
to kill the remaining maggots in her home.

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