No pity to pay

I don’t expect you to feel as I do
or comfort me
when I deal with my petty concerns again.
For that
I am too hopeless.
I just want to you to listen
and talk ill,
wish death,
torture and extinction
when I do.
You should know
I say I hate them
meaning I couldn’t care less
what is about to happen with them.
What do you mean?
They don’t care about me either
But I give you that
they can sometimes be quite amusing
stepping stones.
And she said to me
With a straight face
If I trample over everything
To get hold of a cursed crown of thorns
I will end up
Looking back
on an empire of dust.
I couldn’t hold in the laughter
I want you, stupid.
You are scared
I am too.
Frightened what I find
If I show you more
And I keep on getting swallowed by doubt
I will w3hisper
And if it is in my last breath
Of life
Hand me your hand
Don’t look back
Let the fire spread
And let’s laugh together
About the death screams
Billowing smoke
behind our backs.
I lit a box of matches
quietly sobbing.
The wind got hold on my tears
I was scared
you were too.
I didn’t expect you to feel
As I do.

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