Small Talk

I sit in silence in front of them.
They like to fill the room with talking.
About nonsense with nonsensical passion.
Can’t take uncomfortable silence for a second,
Because their words could take on a deeper meaning,
and command a shift in power leaning,
if they just talk
long enough
I suppose.
Wow you going to buy a new smartphone with a higher model number?
Wow your new car has a heater to warm your but cheeks?
Wow really the new shampoo makes your hair shinier?
Passion perfects platitude.
When empty shells hide their empty hearts behind empty thoughts and empty words
Tell me empty soul,
what is it you own?
Is it the house you build with a loan
of your sold life time?
Is it the car you saved 8 months for
just to replace it with a slightly faster one
two years down the line?
All possession can be taken.
The single thing you truly own
are your own thoughts
everything else are worldly concerns
and are part of this reality.
As much as I want to deny it,
don’t feel that way most of the time,
as much as it is hard to grasp
I am part of all of this.
But now
I don’t want to own anything.
I don’t want to create a legacy.
I don’t want to be anyone.
I just want to
sit here,
drink and listen.
Empty heads with their empty hearts
and set phrases,
also empty when looked at twice.
I just sit here,
drink and listen
while behind my empty stare
I try to hold onto
everything I own.

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