Headless Hydra

Every time I hear 1984,
my face falls in my hand.
Half the people haven’t read it
or at least don’t understand.
We wander from
one Orwellian nightmare
to the next.
You don’t have control.
Because you don’t want control.
Hegemony is not an invention,
only the sugar daddy
seems to differ over time.
If someone read
the book to Romans
they would claim
it mirrors them.
whether you have to suck on the teats of a king
or choose from the same pool
of rich people with different colors.
Does it really make a difference?
The prayers never stop,
but someone needs to listen.
Next to a god comes a king
And bad kings usually end up hanged.
every 4 to 5 years.
People don’t know what they want
and it frightens me
that the government cares to listen.
The king at least
doesn’t even bother
to claim that he is equal to you
or that he is interested in more
than your silent agreement.
you can say about his parents
that they were siblings
and you got a good chance of being right.
Democracy is the tyranny of the masses,
and the rule of unworldly bureaucracy.
1984 is the apocalypse of a prophecy
that already came true.
The feverish dream
of a fortune-teller
who predicted
the destruction of the Hindenburg
after the cursed zeppelin
burned to ashes in the sky
years ago.
It would be best
if everyone was given their square meter land.
as the last official act
of the government
with the remaining resources
of the indebt National Bank
everyone would be given a plastic garden chair
on which he/she
could recite and guard
the borders of their realm.
Whether you want to hold a shotgun in your hands or not
Is up to you.
I’m sure it will work out
if everyone has control.
I’ve seen it in my mind’s eye,
you could say in my own sickening vision
a field full of garden chairs
speckled occurrences under them
are isolated office chairs,
set up by those
who are smart enough to know
that 360 degrees
is the perfect field of vision
when it comes to constant control.
The anarchist garden chair guards
could then read and laugh about 1984,
because they are freer than the idiots
who were happy within the system.
What if 1984 ended differently?
Someone always takes up the reins in the real world
and it is usually the first person
who could
and is willing to
hold them.

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