The loony bin

“Hey, Nathaniel!
How long has it been? How are you doing?
what are you
doing in the loony bin?”
“You see…
funny story.
my wife asked me
if I found her to be pretty.
Yes, I answered naturally,
so she started to cut her face off”
“Why are you here
and not her?”
“I told her
I found her to be beautiful regardless”
Louis laughed
and I thought about
that this place was supposed to make it less likely
that I kill myself.
And we laughed.
Two loonies meet in a bin
to be coined with a new personality
keep the change in your pocket.
Second day wasn’t that bad.
Endure the nightly sounds of loud
thought citation
mostly expressed in screeching.
The unprovoked violence
and the fact that
every other week someone suicides
but never Louie or me.

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