Fighting against the cold nights;
the burning lights;
the fusion reaction behind both of my eyes.
The streams are leaking
and the suicidal tendencies
that tend to trip.
into my day,
would love them
to go away
but you get used to it somehow.
Struggle even with the good things.
Tomorrow is another day.
Same shit,
packed in a different gift wrapper.
No reason
to be cursed with a life
it seems
other than
by a random gypsy
because you didn’t walk her across the street.
Ever tried to be yourself for a second?
What a fucking stupid question to ask me.
Hurts more than it used to.
Take some time.
Put the mask on your face
stand back against the wall
mark with a ruler
and finally realize
you didn’t grow a bit taller.
Breaking the circle is just
breaking the circle to feed the will
of a circle-breaking, bored piece of shit,
Tomorrow is another day

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