Main Square

When the church bell rang
all the birds
their wings
and in a sea
of feather and beaks
he stared at her.
The flying
arranged by a higher power
in a perfect circle
was an hindrance
to his view.
I swear.
It doesn’t
make a difference
to the dreams
he takes a lifetime
to destroy.
He just look at her once.
Here we go again
a tale
of splitting hair.
How bad could that be?
That’s what a
clown says
on top of the stairs
before he falls
for a girls
quick grin.
The stunts are real though.
He always end up
with less
he had before.
But the thoughts didn’t creep
his mind
when he stared at her;
The picture
of circling birds
was soon gone,
but in my mind
she stood there with him
since forever.

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