Book burning

You should
give a shit
If people like you
it makes you a better person by default.
Makes you mindful what they want
and we all want to be a grace to this life,
right Sweetheart?
is dimmed light
cloaked by a
bathroom towl
pulled over the bulb.
No wonder
all of us
seem to caught fire
once in while.
Under the mask;
laced lungs –
it is hard to breathe
all tied up;
Beauty knows no brain
just a object-lecture produced image.
Have to give up thoughts; spare some breath
if you want them to smile.
Keep their towel wrapped around your chest;
the light dimmed
the morals high,
and in the background ignite a spark;
not a peaceful one
that turns bricks dark.
The ones Nero laughed at.
Not really made out of fueling material.
I don’t know.
I burn for too long.
but at least I am not burned out yet.

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