Peeling Paint

If I am
in this void
called everything;
Should be a lame
and a blind
dragging empty
suitcases behind him.
them up
on the streets.
Nobody to throw
a hat
into the ring
and put coins’
into the purse for;
to fight for;
why does nobody
ever fight for me?
I will spent
Boiling in my meat suit;
Woke spirit
searched for a vessel
to call home
and picked
the most disgusting one.
Why does nobody ever
fight for me?
You don’t fight for yourself
so why the fuck should we?
You can’t even run,
broken toy soldier,
your plastic
back in your heydays.
Now you mostly
sit around
in a corner
of the toy makers workshop
and laugh about
your clockwork companions
getting winded up
by the sun
disappearing westward.
So why does nobody ever fight for you?
Take it seriously
for once when I say:
You are the worst of all of them.
There is nobody to protect you from
other than yourself.

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