all we be better
is going to comfort me,
The only thought to
stay by my side
on my deathbed
she calls me.
she looks at me.
“I don’t want
to start
at the finish line.
I don’t
just want to be a name.
My name should
have a meaning
like Einstein’s does
– sometimes
as derogative term”
the name
of a neat
mental illness?”
“I’d take it”
“You greedy
delusional boy.
Seek for more and
you seek a path
of self destruction”
“Convoluted words
for a cunt
that wants to fill
the holes in her heart
by forcing a family”
“Yeah, I am there
for drama cucklords
like you.
You lost voyeur.
I have a real life
with consequences
for you to observe,
and jerk off to”
“Oh  you got me, Darling.
Scared of every
other way
I choose the one
in my mind
where have
close to nothing
to lose”
“You have nothing
to gain either”
you might be right,
and if for nothing more,
I am at least
going to
plug your hole”

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