Everyman’s night

and I just want to
get out of this room
five days,
and how many nights
I sat around
in dark, well lit
dark spot
like a goblin or
a troll.
Nothing silent
and it is so silent
it can’t be nothing.
It’s too loud around
Humming; ring ring ring
and in my loneliness, I talk to myself.
Demon face’s, devils mask,
angels in dark disguise;
in the mirror I ask
a maniac smiles at.
Let’s dance you illusion
I created
and see, who is
smoke and we spin by the fire,
till we run
out of oxygen
lets see who is real
who can endure?
Don’t act like you wouldn’t want to be.
Dance with a limbless with little sticks
growing out of his hip
I always play with open cards
and I am the only one,
who dares to cheat me.
Look into my hand,
you can’t?
Look into my cards or are you not able to?
Nothing happens even if I do
Nevertheless –
what I wouldn’t wait.
I made you an appointment a week after
the calendar page
where world peace is marked.
It’s a deadline, sweetie,
what I present to you.
Yes, it would be so much easier
if it were just the two of us.
None of us could run, but the world is so damn far
Open fields, overgrown
thickets, dead forests,
smoky bars –
the clubs,
the apps, the trams,
the offices, the washrooms,
the World Wide Web.
The baker, farmer,
even the emperor
has an entourage.
I don’t see the end of the crowd,
but you see our predetermined rail junction.
In my finest hour,
I could see through
the triquetra
that defines you
Then so and only so,
are if not me,
at least you.
and I just want to
stay in.
Even if slept all night,
I could scream it
but my neighbors
would think I am crazy.

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