Pastry fork

At the coffee shop
I sat alone
then you came in.
was not all that I saw.
I don’t have to be no more?
You sure?
Not in my heart,
not in my head?
I didn’t notice thanks the quarrel in my head
that I feel for you fool
couldn’t make me believe
I sold my soul for
your beauty spot.
How can you dare
to think that you are disgusting,
when you are the only
heart sprinkler,
blood rain in this life?
I’ve never felt restraint before.
No woman
To no man
They all don’t get me out of my chair.
Then why would I run for you?
Order another cappuccino,
stay with me
I beg you.
Fear makes me extend the spines:
What’d I do? What’d I do?
All the more insensitive,
to be so empty?
God, what have I done?
So much ballast in my heart
How do I deserve that?
What good will my words do?
Why should you believe them?
If anything they want.
Is running away
In front of you
How can I feel remorse now
for the things I do
I did
I missed
Are you teaching me remorse?
What a stupid lesson.
I was beginning to think
I don’t deserve you.
When I heard you talking about your dreams.
Have another piece
of the strawberry pie.
Now I don’t want to be
be alone,
you stupid bitch.
You changed me.
I wish you hadn’t.
Every poem,
every word,
in my head and on paper.
No matter who comes.
You and I.
At least we;
it was all yours.






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