Fortune teller

Insert a coin
from the cup
in the slot machine.
Another set of blank symbols.
that’s what I am,
who cares?
Put another coin
in the slot machine.
Another failure
in a game
I have literally
zero impact on.
Pull the lever
my one armed bandit
Got a fat stack
of coins
you are going to live off.
I borrowed
the money
from my past self.
Another coin
should do the trick
It is all
a question of endurance.
A streak of unfortunate events
has to end  somewhere.
I got a foolproof system
How long I sat here?
I ordered another beer
and watched
the waitress
with the long,
heaven reaching legs
smile at me
for more tips.
Maybe that’s my luck
still coins
in the cup
to feed the coincidence
and maybe countless
some of my addictions.
Another coin in.
No win,
what I even thought?
Another beer;
I head
the pup fresh air
into the casinos
to keep gamblers high.
You know the game,
easy gameplay;
simple to understand;
impossible to master.
insert a coin
into the slot machine.
How many spins
before I get dizzy?
Don’t know
have been busy
not counting my tries.
Instead I pictured
of what I would do
with the jackpot.
I will force the money
out of the hell machine
until the Gorillas
throw me out on the streets,
the coins run out
– unlikely –
or I pass out
blackout sunk in the sun
on the strip.

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