Potato goes out to party; bad days lead to better nights

The dead with their broken fingers, crushed by time pressure;

their burden passed onto me, hold on for some hours

help is on its way. Just stay sane,  

stay conscious, don’t faint.

Heads bend down; sunken stares into  010 worlds

necks trained strong, weak, degenerated spiral limbs

losing flesh; the rotten meat, huge chunks drop

like bread crumbs; advised to be followed. But I am

passing by billboards and toothpaste ads

for fake smiles and hair styles and good mood pills and easy

solutions; bathroom stall lifestyles,

earn to consume and divest.

Searching for shadow

thrown by spotlights

before heat turns my eyes into liquid.

Drinking blood bored by thorn hides

Skull Cocktail shakers; black powder puffing fire rings…

and cylinders taken off to

white sugar scratched off

the horizon with a overrun credit card;

get drunk with Poseidon

the dead man’s curse lifted off the treasure;

the cattle popped of the pale, green turning faces

pain obscured thanks to a maze and booze rushing

swirling million desires, that escape the safety of critical thought.

Spanish music blurs out of a jukebox; can’t understand a word

a long dead washwoman sings over the smell of bacon and eggs

exploding heads

and war exhaustion found in the aftertaste

of mood under your fingernails

proclaim “I had enough”

and pass out, blackout, lights out

breathing sprinkles

in and out. Flavour crawls down your fate,

while my body rests half-dead

vital symptoms intact

in strawberry cake.

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