[Poetry] perverts love like pedestrians garble up car crashes

Gnaw on my bones
with your maw
supported by jaw
held strong with thick muscle
in place while you masticate
a cannibal’s vic’.
I don’t know why I even still keep trying
against your waterfall of bullshit climbing,
because maybe I know that the next for sure. Could be the last
window time is closing off
but I also know about this woman,
that she smiles the brightest,
laugh the most maniacal,
when she feels the worst.

I am the worst, and a hammer over my head,  
I felt hit over the head by your vile words
when you didn’t even look me in the eyes

while you talked with me maybe because I wanted to talk emotionally,
and talking is not what  
needed or wanted back then.
Fucking you on the toilet
that’s all I should have done

But if it is tomorrow,
a girl will smile.
I know she is strong 
crown of crow feathers,
responsible for collecting souls of the newly deceased
and guide them over
the border of their demina decided respective resides
as a return
paying and a sacrifice
she demands their hearts
from their
leftover bodies to eat.
Prayers. curse or praises;
she prefers to live follower-less
on the brink of life,
eating mud filled muscles
till she bites into one
she could consider replacing hers with. 

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