Nowhere but Up

Welcome to the playing fields
of a wider reaching park
not able to be processed
or caught by human eye
faster passing by
then what a man could miss
more thoughts to think
more goals to fetishize
more morals to bastardize
nails to pull
connected to meat strings
like cheese strings
from their resting bed.
“I am no monster
just misunderstood”
says the wolf to the lambs
so he doesn’t get chased
to the devil.
Bargain with me.
Bargain for whatever your head desires
a shift in turn
suddenly the things
given away
are what matter most,
what speak the loudest of you.
Shift complete,
Hang the coat up.
Welcome to the playing fields
deaf from jubilation screams
and gifted with blindness on both eyes.
venture slowly forward
into the world of no scruples
with the promise of fun.
I might be a monster
what does it matter to you?
To how many nobels did you talk to?
Sad thought processes
get frustrated with what is demanding
more than an autopilot,  
Snakes eye rolling; I am sick of it.
Now comes my part,
my sequel
motherfucking electric boogaloo.

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