The taboo questions that could turn you racist; foul human being

What if our poor get feed by the poor in the third world?
What if shadows of post-colonialism
is what keeps
Europe on life support?
What if the barbarians with their religious thoughts
come in peace and change our culture
not with means
to conquer by force
just by giving birth to more children and by providing the next generation
of voting higher ups and Labour force?
What if the gap between indigenous and foreign cultures
never path into one,
where identities are underlined
and highlighted; where differences are preached to respect
instead of finding common ground in the fixed rules of the same framework culture,
which inspires
in it’s pride and in it’s shared flaws;
invites to integrate where trust in the same fate is shared,
through common circumstance and the simple passing of time.
inevitably merge through the condition of life.
What if you interfere with a natural process
with nonsensical, unclear rules,
which are put into place with good intentions
and could be used for the purpose
of punishing every troublemaker
whose voice finds a following
and possibly in the most extreme case,
only considered against the course of state,
radicalizes rhetoric for the sense of urgency?
What if you played into the hands of the fascist state.
and with your sick overcompensating justice
for banning contextualized powerful words
you creatthe foundation
to punish speaking out thoughts
in the future
maybe even yours,
that do not run conform with the idea
of the utopia
of the momentary
governing authority.
You know that on the top of the pillar of democracy
the deities change all the time?
And what is wrong is twisted
by the masters and their slaves.
Is the endgoal to assimilate or integrate,
overstuffing a framework,
that can hold only so many things? 

Can you live with that?
Then go on,
tell me what is racist, or sexist, fine or morally wrong to say.
The children lying at the cancer station of the hospital
most likely are there to die.
Down Syndrome patients are mentally deficient
and they could still have a higher quality of life than you,
who was brought in this world
without any complications.
Most people that come from far away
are more likely to get into a state of mind
to commit crime
because what is a state
but the might of the executive
patrolling the streets,
and how many do you see working overtime?
They are no bullies, you all just thin skinned
learning to cope is also skill,
don’t act we are not just all burning buildings-
Women tend to go after money,
like prostitutes; just out there to secure their livelihood,
there is nothing wrong with that
it just less self aware for a brighter shine.
Men would too,
but looking back at history
in most cultures they wanted the responsibility,

they still like to get Toy Boyed if they can
but they are usually born on the short side of the equation
to compensate
men just pander in uninspired idiocy to what the female gender likes
and to what they are
through positive conditioning required to do.  

Why else are the biggest cock faces mostly
those who don’t need to
slide on their knees for attention?
Do I believe these words?
Do I even think like this all of the time?
Do I mean them truly,
or is it just for me
and what I consider
a discussion relevant thought of mine?
Just depends on what
state of mind
I am in
and what
I am
exposed to.

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