Walking up to her is a step not the whole way, coward

beautiful blue eyes
I clear advised you
to get your hands of off me.
Come closer boy.
What is this opportunity you see?
I know you want me.
You don’t even dare
to target someone else
as consolation prize for your troubles with me.
Postpone the pathetic blackmail,
lonely is how we all usually fell,
chicken hearted know-it-all.
be more open minded. 
Do you worst,
throw a curse if you feel like it. 
Relax and talk
we will see where this goes.
Bravery infused boy
step out of line
don’t overthink it
don’t make yourself small.
If she looks you in the eyes,
Jaw hurting from laughing.
lips bitten, full of thirst
kiss her
the rest is hers
to pick apart.

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