Didn’t happen

My kid is special
what he did smart,
My boy
went back in time
killed Lee Harvey Oswald
mounted Marilyn Monroe
saved Kennedys marriage
and cracked the zodiac killer code.  
he lead Hannibal’s elephants across the Alps
and won highly outnumbered
at the battle at the gates of the hot springs.
He was Jesus last water resort
after he wore
the thorn crown.
He founded the UN and
spoke in front of women and men
to solve the Middle Eastern Crisis.
The Genver Convention?
He thought that up.
Believe me when
I tell you
my child is innocence personified
and innocence is obviously asked complicated questions.
because she’s without prejudice,
and not without any idea.
Should I be ashamed that I am using the
silly child as a
crash test dummie
for my nonproven words or agenda?
Kids oh so pure.
and how could out of innocence
impure, ruthless thoughts be born?
My five-year-old agreed;
he said
“Sometimes the end justifies the means”
and what’s a little lie
in exchange for
monetizable attention?
So my kid
covered up that the BBC child presenter was a pedophile
and saved national tv.
He shoot Archduke Franz Ferdinand
chained an event called WW2
that lead to India being free.
He is smarter than I was at that age.

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