broken heart blues

To commemorate the memories,
I write these words shaking
with tears blocking my sockets
and heavy packed I say a wholehearted dream
I don’t agree that these are the right words
but I need you
out of simplicity
to wrap the heights
and depths
of a singing bird on my window ledge
in an understandable refrain
and the dreams I had
when I listened
of two people old, staying young together
which I had in a waking state,
you, old bat, even called me an “idiot”.
Hallucination or delusion
or a real song
sparking bittersweet fantasy
of two empty toys being gifted a heart.
shared truths and lies
delivered in a myth, trying to pull us apart
but they lack a basic understanding
of the human psyche
We wouldn’t have, if we weren’t scared.
In hindsight,
it still seems weird,

that I ever came close to you.

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