Heart for sale; never used.

One day in February.

I gave up love.

It hadn’t snowed that day.

What was funny

that the world has such a habit of

to follow steps with melodramatic effect

I was old, and I felt antique.

I fell that day

to myself a victim,

stumbled and probably broke my hand.

I don’t know, cause I didn’t go to the hospital.

I had 2700€ debts

and one treatment would have cost me the last three hundred.

that was still in budget.

I had still believed

that people have a future somewhere.

and love is more than a mating reflex

but what the old days can do

is to remind us that there is no basis

for that assumption.

People don’t even look at closer at each other.

do not admit their mistakes.

It hadn’t snowed that day

which was weird.

With a fidgeting tongue

on a white surface.

She looked like my mother with her hair done that way.

and my hand hurt when I woke up.

was it worth it?

I’ve seen her,

so I would have said yes.


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