Hand me a proof for a parallel universe

“Let’s be friends”
and if I could have,
but you know
I can’t do that.
So please cut me out.
before I return by the next well meant invitation
into the gravitational field of a soul
that is without limit.
I pull on ropes and the curtain closes.
How could I talk and joke on with you?
I see a future for you,
but she’s compatible, because she’s mine.
I would do anything
to make you queen.
Not below me as a supportive kind voice,
even if sometimes you would have to be.
I couldn’t bare that for longer than for a while.
because on everything that stands under me
I step on and I crush it like insects.
Be my string-puller from the background
until you’re ready for the spotlight.
if never
then not.
The main thing is we sit tightly entwined
for more than just the appearance.
I’d rather be alone in this world with you anyway.
Therefore, go, before you will watch me
on how I destroy myself and everything around me.
for answers in the rubble I don’t want to hear,
I came to the end:
Love doesn’t exist
I have
morbid lust
to conquer this world with you.

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