Good Intentions

Dance little piglets
get high on pearl wine bubbles
I bet
you also eat the shit
you tell each other before going to sleep.
It disgusts me,
the cylinders and monocles
to distract from your curly tails;
the way you wallow in the dirt.
Who do you protect
your straw home from?
Nobody above in the food chains
Symbiotic living with
headless predators
with no teeth,
blind born
with no sense for the future.
You control
the banks, the police
the media, the politics,
money speaks
whispering out of your piggy bank.
od how it makes me mad.
I could kick
a parking meter.
That is going to show them.
When all the valuable
capitalists machinery is gone
None is going to
parking any longer.
Every car needs
a place
to live.

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