You wipe your ass with trees.
and still believe,
that you can create or destroy things.
Everything is changing.
Water becomes coffee,
provides you with caffeine
which you turn into energy and nervous anxiety attacks.
You’re wasting them on furbelows, and
the dream of escaping the monotony of the working world
in filled canteens and bursting full after work restaurants.
With the smallest percentage fairly compensated for your time
irreplaceable as a gearwheel except by gearwheels of a similar pattern.
Even if much is lost in the process.
you buy with the money
something that makes time bearable,
in which the skin cells fall from you.
Everything is changing.
Dirt conquers your living space.
Bones and stains,
separated from the masticated food
– Nutrients
which you will wipe off with trees on your throne,
expensive quartz burnt in multiple steps,
from your ass.
Everything is changing
every day.
You don’t like change?
You are the change.
Didn’t anyone ever tell you that?

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