Fence sitters

Men I saw
as if it was
for a train
they sat
loudly moarning
waiting for women
supposed to take them away.
They are nothing without them
Those men
who need a woman
so empty
so lifeless,
just go up for a better shot
split from the creator
talk about
being broken apart
and made nothing
without one
not even a name
they whisper drunk
Greek words repeated about an other half
you see their empty hearts
here to amuse
every XX
and to develop
a consciousness
the need some mother alike soul
there is nothing
else that drives their heads
For some nice pair of breasts
or a well formed ass
they would trade every step
they need to take
I have seen men
pick up art
and proclaim
they are
nothing like us.
how happy I would be
if that was true.

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