Crab people; where men are coming from.

If he chooses you
you have to, as a woman
not do much.
All you have to do is stay with him.
can be quiet
and hug him
whenever you think
that he’s sad.
Yeah, he is gonna be cranky.
and like he
you have to endure his mood.
If you can get through it.
you will be stronger;
at best
he starts talking.
Worst case scenario.
he’ll show you his true face.
pure instinct
not the rational introduced
in his head;
90% emotion,
unconscious harness;
if he can understand at all,
who he is?
He’s usually not the one you see,
he knows that himself
but he’s doing his best.
to hide it.
He’s not a monster.
only misunderstood
says the wolf to the lambs
so that they’re not chasing him to the devil.

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