Forgotten Electricity Bill (Due Tomorrow)

Circle Ambition
of working-class life
class structure
ivory tower observer
working 8 hours
not even 9 to 5
no regular hours
you are depressed
as a cure, tackle the cause
they tell you to get a life
balance the unbalanced.
Oh, do you know of something
that is compatible
with my working plan?
I get loaded with paper
white leads to the daily grind.
has me beaten over the head
with no end all the time.
people don’t listen
follow the line
jump to skip
risk a little rhyme
for no reason
nepotism, hypocrisy
the glass ceiling,
toxic masculinity
like deprivation of the right to decision
money rules over every guided life
by monetary gain’
needs always concepts to hide
in demand it is
used to assimilate
welcome to the West,
close your eyes
you stay in the dark
yet it is going to be fine .
when I rise
And as soon as I am ready
when I go
I will be in it
to win it
and the game is over
when the king drops,
isn’t it?

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