Blackbird (killing other birds)

I think I lost my way
all I want is to write
to that bird
and say
sorry that I only know
I lived in my own
never fed a soul or
had any other thoughts but
of me
before I met you.
Take a good look
I am changing
but surely.
I eat birds now
chew on their little bones
listen to the crack
of their necks
between my teeth
as their songs make their way down my throat
My stomach isn’t filled with acid
it isn’t your fault
I just like their taste
I spit them up every time
but I feel so empty inside
the hunger
it clouds my thoughts,
but in the starvation delirium
I dream of your songs.



Poetry is not the most contagious form of art on a nonlimiting platform. So if you stumble across my poem, drop a follow and share it with your REALLY close friends (some of the words are hard to explain after all), I would appreciate it.

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