For what it is worth, Antarctica

Could I
let all the cynicism go
I would
for you
Little careful girl
who tippy toes around the bush
girl who believes in
all-knowning specters
like he
is responsible for who you have
a crush on or not
name after the
best body of water
with a cross
around her neck
bind to a stone
but you don’t
know yet
you need a few more years
who knows who lives by then
and why.
You told me
you wish
to see me again.
I don’t hope for the same
I hate reunions
except after waking up
but life has the habit to backstab me
Fate doesn’t hold me
on a leash.
your God does not know me
if and when
he must not like me.
So I’m counting on
that you are right
that it turns out
that you are not anything more
than another tear
I wish
that didn’t have to
while faking a smile.


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