She drew a robot for me

“Perhaps life is
just a series of decisions
consisting of the ones
you have to take
and the ones,
you evade.
Maybe we should make
the best out of it,
or not?”
She smiled at me
What kind of mind
is there
that could say things
like that
and then
for a while
repeat the same word
to herself
as if
it was the funniest thing in this world.
maybe I just chose her
at an appropriate timing
but and that is
what I wish for
from the bottom
of the thing
I call
That I had brought
out of her
But the truth is
she always
was like this
and she will
always be
the emptiness
she left me with
it should be filled
but in the void
fits in there?
she drew
a robot for me
I still waiting for
that skeleton on that skateboard
Pizza and beer.
I wish she was still
Everything gets better.
I feel fine
just empty picture frames
hanging on walls forming halls
when I wander
inbetween my thoughts.


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