My personal deck of cards

Welcome in the world
we made us
the one
in which
we chase clouds
of fay dust
something seems
not quite
about it.
It is only
what you make of it
that is all
what is good about it
and what it’s all about
Ficitious systems
Mindset hanged on a frame
painting strokes,
sacrificing all
time on a truth.
Talking Politics
and beautiful girls
and power
and a wish for even more,
what money brings
and the absence of it,
what it does to people.
I have seen it
How they scrim and cower
to mold
a space
to bed their body onto
with no chance
at least trying to get comfortable,
or so plenty,
well off
that the
choices they take
never really mattered.
Nothing to win
if you got everything
or see no spirit
in flame
of candle dinners.
At least the lights
at nights
are pretty.
I had to float
on so much misery
it made me
realize that I am not
as dark
as I should have
come to be.
I still fight
with how
I want to be.
misery is not gone
it comes
and goes
It will never leave
me for good
or just be.
It doesn’t knock,
don’t ask
to come in.
what I do with my pain
is my gift
my burden
my decision,
don’t mutter the word,
what greatness
gets lost
when speaking
of destiny.
Why had you cried then,
if you really think
that’s how it should be?
deep down
we all know
what our end
will be.
It is just
that our life seems to fight
with an image
nobody else can
and should see,
or write about.

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