There are
things to do
I could do them
but I count them
concentrating on them
is like drilling
a hole into
the bottom of a barrel
that is
filled with nothing.
I know
but it shows
that all days given,
all nights
and uneventful
you try to live
your life.
chasing lights
mate, the danger
in it
is that
at some point
you just get so used to being alone
that the simple fact
that caring is
not for what you are known
was your strength back then
is still
in some areas
but can you
not give up,
on people?
I know they are dumb
and walk
and talk
dangerously in circles.
But who are you talking to?
There is nobody
if you let
yourself slip
too fast, too deep, too soon
I am out guys
have a night.
I am heading home
my left in the dark
waits for me
the rhythm of an insomniac
There is no help for me.
I think I decided that for me
tomorrow is another day.
The memory and
I know
in my isolated misery
it isn’t hope
that keeps
you alive.

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