Akathisia (false equivalent)

Never made the final step
I would like you to
hear me out
I would like to explain to you
what this
was all about.
A name.
I once spoken it
and it was gone
I had written it
but in all the paper
and between all
the ink
it got lost
and I was searching for it.
I couldn’t think of
Ever missed the key
in your pocket?
In the moment
you search,
you feel
the chains
what it means
to be made out of flesh,
and desperation again
and you feel the
strings in your feet
and layers of your skin
after you have found them
you feel better’
without anything
and alive,
even thankful again.
For a matter
of minutes.
You don’t think
anything else.
If you think about it
a little scare
can’t be
bad then.
Ever walked
up to the woman
you love,
I didn’t.

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