Human heart on top of a mountain of salt

That’s what sorrow is
like in the Rheinland
every aggression
strictly questioned
only in the deepest circle
of hell
you are constantly forced
to question yourself
takes a runner
give him as much
space as a lame
I want to fold the galaxy to get close to you
I would like to hold it
in my hand
and mold into a ball
and then
crush it like an egg.
in Eden experiments
usually all rats die
if they don’t flee
what a world to be on
how it would feel like
to live on a boat
on the water
could  my stomach content
stay down
when I get gutted like
a fish?
Maybe I felt canned
After all
there are no
to keep you up
or to connect
you better show some talent
or experiences
in knotting
because people
are only clattering
when we make our way
over the asphalt.
Some days I tear one open
and drink the contents
of the can.
There’s usually
not much
When was the last time
I felt full?
It just seems like
a cosmic joke
to me
that of all people
I could have found love
after all I have been through,
so I kicked my can
down the street and
blew cigarette smoke
high on drunkness driven thoughts
of grandeur and meaning.

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