Disassociation’s Revenge

that the china flu
is here
and I trapped
between the walls
I always sat in
I notice
that not even
in isolation
people talk to me
I have to be
just up to talking
maybe that
is the problem
I just don’t feel
I am worried.
I could die
like a Victorian child
in a room
build out of beton
and nobody
would find me for a while
they call me sociopath
because I
don’t think
like them
and I don’t know
they are probably right
in some regard
it is fucked up that my
thoughts always
play it out
and get worried
by something that isn’t there
I feel like a sphere
And now I sit here
the third horseman arrived,
were is the end
what part
of the world will surive.
Does it end up
changing a system
or is it gonna take my life?
The fucked up thing
maybe here
a small little part of
wouldn’t even mind.

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