Dommsday clock

And again
the world
turns to sand.
Fate held
in hands
by the will of
RNA strings.
Words are said
and I am sitting here
and nothing
I could swear
there was
a reason to change.
God is dead
and I killed him
as revenge
for Columbine
life is short
and demanding
and we go around
proclaim it is fine
There is love
and fulfillment out there
old stories told
repeated nonstop
and you might live
in a nightmare
just wait till
it stops
and you get your chance
dented cans
opened up for survival
older by the minute
count up to the hour.
I hope you didn’t turn
bad and
are fine
with what  life presents
because there is nothing out there
that would search
and couldn’t find you.
Time to have a turn
on my carousel again.
with love it would be easier
but trust
and fear
are dangerous
and my heart I had buried on a crossroad
for a wish
that did come true
but as always
if you wish for someone else
you don’t quite
think it
to the end
here it is
what it means to me
I just wanted to know
what she went through.
Here I am
what it means to me
in this quarantine
I think of you,
and how the lives
I saw
either end here for me
or goes on
there with you.

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