“Write a catchy song
and realize
People just want to dance.
They don’t hear you”
He seemed unimpressed.
“and love songs,
men and women
listen to
to feel depressed…”
“And what about singing?”
“Songs to sing? Who writes them?
Most get picked for their catchiness.
Words that drill into
your head.
and force your
feet to shake.
So they come from Advertisement companies?”
summed up intent
“Shut the fuck up,
every concept is open
for critique”‘
He seemed unimpressed,
“whatever you think you do with this,
it is worthless”
turned my head on him
frowned onto the ground
listened to the sad songs
on my way home.
Another week
of mandatory therapy
left behind
and walked through.
Can’t wait till
my punishment
and the 
I get to listen
to is myself.


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