In all of us there is a need for pillaging

Is it
about feeling emotions
I usually choose
the most absurd
I always I felt like
I could talk with IT,
the state,
god or
the man
who bossed me around
or whatever
I was obviously
in need of.
I’m the Pandora’s box of bullshit
with most people it is going well somewhere
and they’re proud
that they’re on guard
against being bludgeoned dead in all aspects
in a single week.
The joke is
they will eat into themselves
and that’s the same crap they get
and the only taste
in their heads.
What can you
say about people that isn’t upfront?
Symbolism is important
for stories
but they never hid
greater significance
in older stales
but people
are not symbols
the sooner you realize
the better.
They just hold symbols themselves.
Where are
the well spoken ones?
Where are the words
you shouldn’t poke
holes into?
Are your thoughts
uphold by visible strings
the puppet masters
you personally
to drinks
in the after lounge
over snow and camp fires
and when you spot them
the silhouettes
and when you spot them
the thin lines
do you really want to
tell me
that you would cut
yourself free?




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