Soft rebooted Zeitgeist

Just moving my fingers
over the keyboard
made me very happy.
I didn’t even want to
press a key.
The result
seemed too final
to be stretched
and thought about
The pure movement above.
It was a strange feeling
when I wrote
Nothing in this world
could ever compare to it. . .
except for drugs and love
but that is just me
I guess a lot of people
found that in something
The mountaineer struggling.
The climber dangling from the rope.
The gardener pissing his plants with water
The neurotic cleaning up.
The old lady when she rebuked
the youth on the street.
The women,
when they could throw a smug grin at me.
We were all involved in something.
The reversed cursed
monkey pawn’s trick
is being okay
with what you got
even if you want more.
That’s simplified,
you get it
the words tend to turn
but let’s not push it,
what more deserves
a skeleton piloting
long stretched form
of a jelly fish?
Pressing issues,
keys align,
I am glad
I can write a sentence
not only
meant to be taken
for its rhyme.

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